In memoriam Nancy Hatch Dupree

Posted on 2017-09-11

We express our deep sorrow for the disappearance of Nancy Hatch Dupree, a long time Director of the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University and passionate advocate of Afghanistan’s heritage.

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Workshop Indo-Ghuria

Posted on 2017-08-31

August, 30th-31th 2017 | New York, US

International Workshop Indo-Ghuria: Continuities and Ruptures in 12th-13th-Century South and Central Asia

Columbia University

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2ème Congrès du GIS MOMM

Posted on 2017-07-08

July, 5th-8th 2017 | Paris, France

2ème Congrès du GIS Moyen-Orient et Mondes Musulmans

INALCO and Université Sorbonne Paris Citè

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Conference The Architecture of the Iranian World 1000-1250

Posted on 2016-04-24

April, 21st-24th 2016 | St. Andrews, UK

Conference The Architecture of the Iranian World 1000-1250

Institute of Iranian Studies, School of History, University of St Andrews.

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Workshop The Ghaznavids and Their Neighbours

Posted on 2016-02-26

February, 26th 2016 | Ivry-sur-Seine, France

International workshop The Ghaznavids and Their Neighbours: New Researches on Eastern Iranian World (10th – 12th c.)

CNRS, UMR 7528 Mondes iranien et indien


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Valentina Laviola PhD thesis

Posted on 2016-02-04

February, 4th 2016 | Venice, Italy

Oral defence of Valentina Laviola's PhD thesis:

Islamic Metalwork from Eastern Iranian territories (9th-13th c.). The documentation of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan

Ca’ Foscari University

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Signed Memorandum of Understanding between Afghan Institute of Archaeology and Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan

Posted on 2014-12-12

Rome: An event in honor of Umberto Scerrato

Posted on 2014-10-31

Rome, Sapienza University of Rome. An event in honor of Umberto Scerrato: Saggi inediti e Opera Minora. Presentation of the volumes. 

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Khurasan: the Land of the Rising Sun

Posted on 2014-10-10

Stuttgart (Germany), international workshop Khurasan: the Land of the Rising Sun convened by L. Korn, U. Franke and A. Kraemer at the Linden-Museum.

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Montréal, 10th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Iranian Studies. Panel Islamic Ghazni: Epigraphic Memory and Material Culture

Posted on 2014-08-08

The four of us arranged a panel at the 10th Biennal Conference of the International Society for Iranian Studies, to present the first results of our ongoing doctoral researches on archaeological materials from Ghazni.

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