A. Fusaro, V. Allegranzi, “A Treasure of Lustrewares from Ghazni”

Posted on 2023-08-15

Publication announcement

Fusaro, Agnese and Viola Allegranzi, “A Treasure of Lustrewares from Ghazni (Afghanistan, Mid-12th–Early 13th Century)”. Annali dell'Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”. Sezione Orientale 83/1-2 (2023): 61–98. 

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The activities of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan - Annual Report 2022

Posted on 2023-01-26

Colloquium: Arts et patrimoine de l’Afghanistan

Posted on 2022-11-20

November, 18th-19th 2022 | Paris

ARTS ET PATRIMOINE DE L’AFGHANISTAN, Cent ans de recherches archéologiques 1922-2022

Musée Guimet, DAFA & Fondation Inalco

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Centenaire de la D.A.F.A. Un siècle de coopération archéologique franco-afghane, Strasbourg

Posted on 2022-09-20

September, 20th-21st 2022 | Strasbourg

Centenaire de la D.A.F.A. Un siècle de coopération archéologique franco-afghane

Universitè de Strasbourg ‒ Histoire, sociologie, archéologie et anthropologie des religions (HiSAAR)

Valentina Laviola - Disclosing the Ghaznavid Palaces. The Legacy of the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan  

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Stucco Decoration in the Architecture of Iran and Neighbouring Lands: New Research – New Horizons

Posted on 2022-05-05

May, 5-7th 2022 | Bamberg

Stucco Decoration in the Architecture of Iran and Neighbouring Lands: 

New Research – New Horizons 

University of Bamberg – Institute of Oriental Studies, Islamic Art and Archaeology

Valentina Laviola - Ghazni Stuccoes. From an Old Excavation to the Synergetic Study of the Ghaznavid Palace Architectural Decoration

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Webinars IFRI, Tehran-Paris

Posted on 2022-04-26

April, 26th 2022 | Tehran-Paris

Webinar series: Insights into the art of the Persianate societies (Islamic period)

Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (IFRI) and Centre de Recherche sur le Monde Iranien (CeRMI)


Viola Allegranzi - Innovations in the Content and Style of Royal Epigraphy

Martina Massullo - Funerary Texts as Sources for Local History

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Webinars of IFRI, Tehran

Posted on 2022-01-25

January, 25th 2022 – Tehran

Webinars of the Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (IFRI), Tehran

Regards sur les arts du métal / Insights into Metalwork

Valentina Laviola

Medieval Metalwork from Afghanistan. Preserving the Memory of Lost Collections

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Workshop Afghanistan crocevia di mondi

Posted on 2021-11-15

November, 15th-16th 2021 | Napoli

Seminario di studi storici, archeologici e letterari

University of Naples “L’Orientale”

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Ernst Herzfeld Society 16th Colloquium

Posted on 2021-07-03

July, 1st-3rd 2021 | Roma

Ernst Herzfeld Society 16th Colloquium 
The Arts and Archaeology of Funerary Cultures in Islam

Martina Massullo 

Funerary Contexts in Afghanistan: Cemeteries from Ghazni 

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Conference NUME21

Posted on 2021-06-09

June, 7th-10th 2021 | Firenze

NUME21 - VII Ciclo di Studi Medievali

Viola Allegranzi, Valentina Laviola, Carlotta Passaro

An Islamic Palace of the Middle Ages: Reconstructive Case Studies of the Dispersed Material from Ghazni (Afghanistan)

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