Islamic Ghazni: Stonepaste
Inv. no. Z0008

IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1957
Ghazni, House of Lustrewares
Room II, cache I

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Z0008_390 AFG-C130

Lustre-painted mug

rim Ø 9.5; base Ø 7.7; h. 11.7 cm
First quarter of the 13th century

Lustre-painted stonepaste mug, tapered rim, very short cylindrical neck, horizontal rounded ridge between neck and shoulder, squat globular body, slightly splayed foot ring, vertical strap handle with conical thumb-stop. Brown lustre on a creamy white glaze. Complete, very slightly broken rim, vertical crack on rim and shoulder.

Interior decoration: plain band with painted inscription (1), framed above by a horizontal stripe.

Exterior decoration: band with incised inscription (2); plain band; band with reserved inscription (3) on incised scrollwork, framed above by horizontal stripe with arrow-shaped motifs. Band with painted chain-and-stripe motifs; two painted horizontal stripes. On the handle: painted cross motifs alternating with oblique segments.

Current location: unknown

Inscriptions: Arabic, Kufic, one line
Abridged benedictory formulae
2. Cursive, one line
3. Arabic, Kufic, one line
Benedictory formulae
العز الدائم والنصر الغالب والد[ولة] والإقبال (؟) ... والد[ولة] و الدوالة القائم (؟) و الـ
“Perpetual glory and triumphant victory and f[ortune] and prosperity(?) … and … f[ortune] and constant(?) fortune and” (Reading by V. Allegranzi)
Neg. no.: 1163/3; 579/6
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Drawings: 390 AFG/C130