Islamic Ghazni: Stonepaste
Inv. no. Z0007

IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1957
Ghazni, House of Lustrewares
Room II, cache I

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Lustre-painted bowl
Overglaze lustre painting
rim Ø 21; h. 8.6 cm
Late 12th century

Lustre-painted stonepaste hemispherical bowl, everted rim, exterior horizontal rounded ridge below the rim, shallow indentation between wall and base, slightly splayed foot ring. Polychrome lustre painting: brown over a white glaze with sepia tinge on the central part of the cavetto; light green-coloured glaze on the interior rim. Complete, only a rim portion missing. Restored at the time of the Italian mission.

Interior decoration: painted indented frame; two concentric bands with reserved inscription (1) and painted inscription (2) on plain background. Roundel framed by a thin line, depicting a large chequered building with main entrance framed by reserved scrolls of palmettes; two mounted horsemen facing left inside the building; two bearded men with headgears and raised hands in a lower balcony and four veiled women in an upper balcony all facing right; on the right, two mounted horsemen with raised hands - one bearded with headgear and one with a halo -, an attendant carrying two shafts (spears?) and two dogs, all facing left; a figure with diadem and halo depicted on a upper level and looking downwards; all the figures wear garments variously ornamented with stripes, scrolls or chequered pattern. Above the scene, a reserved scroll with palmettes; below the scene, a pond framed by a dotted scalloped border with reserved fishes; dotted stems, vegetal scrolls, tendrils, and birds in silhouette painted on the background.

Exterior decoration: painted horizontal stripe; painted arched panels with interweaving vegetal patterns spreading from vase-like motifs alternating with spherical elements, squiggles in the spandrels.

Current location: unknown

Inscriptions: 1. Arabic, Kufic, one line
Abridged benedictory formulae
2. Persian and Arabic, cursive, one line
Poem + benedictory formulae
(repeated) الك و
al-[bara]k[a] wa - "blessing and" (?) (repeated) (Reading by V. Allegranzi)
دیدار توم همیشه در دیده بود / آن کن صنما کز تو پسندیده بود / ای جان جهان دلم بـ[ـدان خر]سندست / اورا بینم که او ترا دیده بود // عز دایم والقل (الإقبال؟) والدولة والسعادة والسلامة والکرامة والنعمة
"The vision of you is forever [captured] in my eyes; / O idol, do whatever pleases you! / O spirit of the world, my heart is content with that: / I perceive it because it has seen you. // Perpetual glory and prosperity and fortune and happiness and integrity and prestige and ease …" (Reading by V. Allegranzi)
Neg. no.: 1164/3; 1164/5
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Drawings: A. Fusaro (2022)