Islamic Ghazni: Stonepaste
Inv. no. Z0006

IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1957
Ghazni, House of Lustrewares
Room II, cache I

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Z0006_391 AFG-C131

Lustre-painted bowl
Overglaze lustre painting
rim Ø 19.2; base Ø 8; h. 8 cm
Late 12th - early 13th century

Lustre-painted stonepaste hemispherical bowl, everted rim, exterior horizontal rounded ridge
below the rim, shallow indentation between wall and base, slightly splayed foot ring. Honey-brown to olive green lustre colour. Complete. Fine scratches, probably post-use or post-depositional, on the inner surface.

Interior decoration: band with painted inscription framed by painted horizontal stripes. Roundel depicting two confronted seated figures with haloes and ornamented garments; two birds in silhouette (heron type), three chequered cypresses, and a pond with reserved large palmettes; each motif is surrounded by a plain margin and set against a background of painted scrollwork and reserved half-palmettes.

Exterior decoration: painted horizontal stripe; vegetal scrolls.

Current location: private collection? (auctioned at Sotheby’s in 2012)

Inscription: Arabic, Kufic, one line
Abridged benedictory formulae
Neg. no.: 1164/4; 1164/2
Digital photos: -
Drawings: 391 AFG/C131