Screen carved in bas-relief on both sides (type 8).

Side A. The decoration is composed of one section with a figurative scene. The scenes include rider hunting a lion, riders and elephants.

Side B. The decoration is composed of three horizontal sections: the upper section consists of a cursive epigraphic band, the mid section of a vegetal pattern of interlaced half-palmettes and fleur-de-lis, and the lower section of a band with leftbound running lions, dogs, hares, birds.
The height of the panels varies from 44.5 cm to 46 cm, their width from 62 cm to 85 cm; their thickness is 8-8.5 cm.

One artifact was first recorded in the Kabul National Museum in 1958; it came from Ghazni; one was first recorded in the Rawza Museum in Ghazni in the years between 1959 and 1966; one was found re-employed in the Ghazni area in 1957; one artifact was purchased at Ghazni in 1966.