Islamic Ghazni: Brickwork and stucco
Inv. no. C1752

Brick panels with stucco tiles
IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1959
Ghazni, Ghaznavid Palace
Central courtyard, south-eastern corner

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Type 3_Panel S-E corner b_C1752

Brick panel with stucco tiles
Brickwork and stucco
Moulded (brick) and carved or stamped (stucco)
Late 11th - early 12th c.

Very small portion of panel type 3 (pattern based on six-pointed star). Related with C2729.

Current location: Ghazni warehouse
Neg. no.: 919/11, 3837/11
Digital photos: G. Pastori, 2002
Drawings: C. Passaro, 2019