Brick panels with stucco tiles show endlessly repeatable geometric, modular patterns. They were largely employed in the architectural decoration of the Ghaznavid Palace; a few were found still in situ: this helped in understanding that, originally, they covered the lateral walls of the antechambers open on the central courtyard. From the numerous fragmentary items retrieved it has been possible to reconstruct 17 patterns; in some cases, the reconstruction has been made starting from a single fragment. These numbers attest to an elevated variety, so that it is hard to imagine that the same pattern could repeat in different rooms. As the other elements of the architectural decoration, they were painted, mainly in red, with the addition of the vividly painted tiles.
Some of these panels might have had brick tiles inserted. At least one similar case was found in situ; it is still unclear whether brick tiles represented a replacement for stucco one or not.