The activities of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan - Annual Report 2022

Posted on 2023-01-26

Centenaire de la D.A.F.A. Un siècle de coopération archéologique franco-afghane, Strasbourg

Posted on 2022-09-20

September, 20th-21st 2022 | Strasbourg

Centenaire de la D.A.F.A. Un siècle de coopération archéologique franco-afghane

Universitè de Strasbourg ‒ Histoire, sociologie, archéologie et anthropologie des religions (HiSAAR)

Valentina Laviola - Disclosing the Ghaznavid Palaces. The Legacy of the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan  

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Stucco Decoration in the Architecture of Iran and Neighbouring Lands: New Research – New Horizons

Posted on 2022-05-05

May, 5-7th 2022 | Bamberg

Stucco Decoration in the Architecture of Iran and Neighbouring Lands: 

New Research – New Horizons 

University of Bamberg – Institute of Oriental Studies, Islamic Art and Archaeology

Valentina Laviola - Ghazni Stuccoes. From an Old Excavation to the Synergetic Study of the Ghaznavid Palace Architectural Decoration

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Webinars IFRI, Tehran-Paris

Posted on 2022-04-26

April, 26th 2022 | Tehran-Paris

Webinar series: Insights into the art of the Persianate societies (Islamic period)

Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (IFRI) and Centre de Recherche sur le Monde Iranien (CeRMI)


Viola Allegranzi - Innovations in the Content and Style of Royal Epigraphy

Martina Massullo - Funerary Texts as Sources for Local History

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Webinars of IFRI, Tehran

Posted on 2022-01-25

January, 25th 2022 – Tehran

Webinars of the Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (IFRI), Tehran

Regards sur les arts du métal / Insights into Metalwork

Valentina Laviola

Medieval Metalwork from Afghanistan. Preserving the Memory of Lost Collections

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Workshop Afghanistan crocevia di mondi

Posted on 2021-11-15

November, 15th-16th 2021 | Napoli

Seminario di studi storici, archeologici e letterari

University of Naples “L’Orientale”

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Ernst Herzfeld Society 16th Colloquium

Posted on 2021-07-03

July, 1st-3rd 2021 | Roma

Ernst Herzfeld Society 16th Colloquium 
The Arts and Archaeology of Funerary Cultures in Islam

Martina Massullo 

Funerary Contexts in Afghanistan: Cemeteries from Ghazni 

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Conference NUME21

Posted on 2021-06-09

June, 7th-10th 2021 | Firenze

NUME21 - VII Ciclo di Studi Medievali

Viola Allegranzi, Valentina Laviola, Carlotta Passaro

An Islamic Palace of the Middle Ages: Reconstructive Case Studies of the Dispersed Material from Ghazni (Afghanistan)

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Posted on 2021-04-10

April, 6th-10th 2021 | Bologna

12th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (ICAANE)

Valentina Laviola and Martina Massullo 

Ghazni Sacred Landscape. Ziyārāt, Shrines and Burials from the Ghaznavid Period to the Modern Age

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CeRMI Lecture series

Posted on 2021-01-21

January, 21st 2021 | Inalco, Paris

Centre de Recherche sur le Monde Iranien Lecture series 

Sociétés, politiques et cultures du monde iranien  

Martina Massullo 

Le patrimoine funéraire islamique de Ghazni d’après les archives de la Mission Archéologique Italienne en Afghanistan  

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