Buddhist Ghazni: Wall statue
Inv. no. TS01763

IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1969
Tapa Sardar, Vihara 23

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35 AFTS scavo0089
1763 et alia
Dep. CS 6269 6270 6271

Red clay
Very high relief; completed by engraving
L: 20; W: 18,5 cm
Late period

Right hand in abhayamudra from the statue of the bejeweled Buddha (no. 39).
Related fragments: TS 1056, TS 1144, TS 1152, TS 1766, TS 1990 (left hand, head, torso, right ear and left leg respectively).

Ghazni, MAIA storehouse (2002)
Neg. no.: 10426/1-2
Digital photos: MAIA 2002
Drawings: Inv. No. 6270