Buddhist Ghazni: Wall statue
Inv. no. TS01561

IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1970
Tapa Sardar, Vihara 37
Right-hand passage

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MNAOR 3756 TS 1561
MNAOR 3752 TS 1561
MNAOR 3754 TS 1561
TS 1561
Vihara 37_neg 8988-9_NUM
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Vihara 37_neg 807-25a_NUM
Vihara 37_neg 807-29a_num
1561 et alia

Red clay; black paint; inferable: wood (inner armature)
Very high relief; locks of hair and decorative plaques obtained from mould (hair from mould 37m12)
H: 40 cm
Late period

Torso of a bodhisattva with right shoulder and chest exposed (uttariya resting on the left elbow). Body ornaments: ring-shaped earring; two strands necklace with pendant decorated with scrolls; keyura at the left arm, with lobe decorated in the same shape as the pendant. Black paint on hair. Traces left by a disappeared wooden inner armature and tenon.
Probable related fragment: TS 1560 (lower part).

Ghazni, MAIA storehouse (2002)
Neg. no.: 9654/ 3÷8
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