Buddhist Ghazni: Wall statue
Inv. no. TS01543

IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1970
Tapa Sardar, Vihara 37
Near the main cultic image, front right corner

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Dep. CS 6312

Red clay; paint: black (or faded blue), red
Very high relief; elements obtained from mould 37m4 (pendant) and 37m12 (locks of hair)
H: 29; W: 17,5 cm
Late period

Torso of a bodhisattva dressed in an over robe which leaves the right arm and shoulder exposed and conceals a barely visible upper robe (on the right). The figure wears a beaded necklace with pendant in the shape of five small scrolls in a radial pattern. Black (or faded blue) paint on hair, red paint on upper robe.
Probable related fragments: TS 1559 (legs), TS 1563 (head), TS 1938 (arm), TS 1944 (forearm).

Ghazni, MAIA storehouse (2002)
Neg. no.: 9658/1÷4
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Drawings: Inv. No. 6312