Buddhist Ghazni: Body ornament
Inv. no. TS01177

IsMEO / IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, 1970
Tapa Sardar, II terrace
Below pedestal no. 18 (6), disturbed

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Inventario 8 071

Clay; red paint
Relief; decorative plaques obtained from mould
H: 7,8; W: 6,8 cm
Early period 2

Pointed crest of a headwear or crown of a figure, with applied decorative plaques. Borders defined by a groove along the edge, with lower row of flattened beads. Round plaque with plain narrow bezel at centre, probably originally surrounded by three similar plaques alternating with smaller flat beads. Red paint on surface. Fired accidentally.

Ghazni, MAIA storehouse (2002)
Neg. no.: 8970/ 2
Digital photos: MAIA 2002
Drawings: -